If you’re ready for deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationships, vital health, and a thriving business than this podcast is designed for you ! In this show you’ll discover how to best choose the direction of your life to help you grow, and thrive not just survive. Learn to live the “Life by Design” model with Dr. Sundardas as your personal guide.

Episode Blogs

LBD 7 | Life Design
  Being productive has undeniably become a problem. We find ourselves wasting our time and getting distracted by other things. At the end of it, our problems and tasks pile up that we can’t sleep anymore. Overcome this by creating your life design. It is said that those individuals who are into life design have one thing in common. They understood precisely what they were getting into. Learn how to create your own life design to make your life
LBD 8 | Pareto Principle
  There is not much that we can do with what is already in front of us, but we can always decide what to do with the time we are given. To truly find a fulfilling life, we have to create a life design by following three critical actions: plan in three to five years chunk, plan for each task in fifteen minutes, and plan backwards from three to five years. Understand how this works
LBD 09 | Value Of Your Time
  Contrary to what people think, free time does not exist. You pay for it all the time of your life. We are either using time purposefully or wasting it. How does this affect our business? It is the value of our time that makes the achievements we want. It’s time to stop overlooking what our time is actually worth and step into increasing its value. Only then will we be able to create better
LBD 10 | Emotional Psychological Blueprint
  How we handle our lives is a reaction to certain events from our early childhood. We have this emotional psychological blueprint that decides and dictates how we run our lives. It has been deeply ingrained in our subconscious and unconscious by past experiences that they determine our life destiny. Examine how your family of origin can set up many benefits or challenges throughout your life. Go deep into your personal success blueprint and out



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