If you’re ready for deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationships, vital health, and a thriving business than this podcast is designed for you ! In this show you’ll discover how to best choose the direction of your life to help you grow, and thrive not just survive. Learn to live the “Life by Design” model with Dr. Sundardas as your personal guide.

Episode Blogs

Dorothy’s vision “elevate and respect so that any woman can own a space, command respect and live free from fear”. She graduated in Physics and Maths. Started a career in military systems, then Telecom, Financial systems and more. As a rare woman, she led and manage the people who made it happen. Along the way she worked with many good men, learned their ways on how to build standards while respecting others. And there were
You may have heard that comment about a ‘human bottle neck”. I was always concerned about being the limiting factor in my company. I don’t want to be the bottleneck at work (we all want that), I don’t want things stopping with me…gotta keep things moving. — Listen to the podcast here:   Being the Bottleneck You may have heard that comment about a ‘human bottle neck”. I was always concerned about being the limiting
LBD 50 | Subconscious Mind
  The unconscious mind holds a strong power that can dictate your current perceptions of the world. Unleash and control it to design the life you wish as you clear unwanted reactions and negative charges that cloud your state of mind. Hinging on repetition, loop positive suggestions to your subconscious to redirect negativities. Furthermore, foster a better understanding of what you want in life while increasing self-confidence, courage, and conviction in moving forward. — Listen
LBD 49 | Self-Improvement
  Self-improvement is a key factor towards success in life—be it in business, career, or relationships. However, there are others who do not know if they need to improve themselves, which usually stems from low self-esteem and lack of inspiration. Overcome that through determination, self-confidence, inspiration, motivation, goal setting, and networking. Train those skills and welcome growth from within as you change the mindset towards success. — Listen to the podcast here:   Are You
LBD 48 | Unconscious Mind
  Are your unconscious programs running your life by default or are you living the life of your dreams? The unconscious mind or the emotional mind includes everything that we are not aware of and is critically defined by our childhood years. Learn how to attain conscious awareness as we break down the major components of EQ and the two things that trigger the unconscious mind. Discover the value of empathy and being open to



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