LBD 10 | Emotional Psychological Blueprint


How we handle our lives is a reaction to certain events from our early childhood. We have this emotional psychological blueprint that decides and dictates how we run our lives. It has been deeply ingrained in our subconscious and unconscious by past experiences that they determine our life destiny. Examine how your family of origin can set up many benefits or challenges throughout your life. Go deep into your personal success blueprint and out of the past conditioning that keeps you from becoming your true potential.

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Emotional Psychological Blueprint: How To Overcome Traumas

We are going to examine how your family of origin can set up many benefits or challenges. We will examine some of them here, your personal success blueprint. We all have a blueprint, an emotional psychological blueprint that decides how we handle our lives. It’s deeply ingrained in our subconscious and unconscious. It can be part of your genetic and genomic programming and it determines your life’s destiny. It comes from our past programming, physical, emotional, mental and biochemical. Things we were conditioned or programmed by in early childhood and it can extend back through three generations.

A few days after I got my first Doctorate, I woke up in the middle of the night screaming in a panic thinking to myself, “I need to get another Doctorate.” That was the point when I realized I have a very deep emotional program that was limiting. Over the next few days, I self-hypnotized myself and went back to the key incident when this programming occurred. I had a very difficult time being born and had almost died. I decided as a newborn I could only live if I worked hard and do outstanding things. I changed this pattern that day at about 30 years of age. That year, my relationship with my wife changed positively. My clinic income grew by 40% even though I did nothing different. Many people struggling with relationships issues may be unaware that the challenges they are facing are rooted in their early childhood. They have a quiet programming that interferes fatally in a happy love life.

Everything is in a constant state of change and motion. You're either attracting success or repelling it. Click To Tweet

As a result of dysfunctional patterns in early childhood, they build up inappropriate models of relationship at an unconscious level. While consciously they want a happy love life, on an unconscious level, they are reenacting their early childhood pattern of pain, disappointment, and betrayal. You can be programmed for spending or saving in childhood. Some do both in cycles that keep them financially treading water their whole lives. There are those who instinctively choose winning investments and those who consistently pick loses. How do you know which way your blueprint is set? One way is to look at your results. Financial settings or any other settings in your life are like the temperature in the room. If the thermostat is set for 68 degrees, the room temperature is 68 degrees. If you’re not earning enough, keeping enough, then your blueprint is set for not enough. Your current financial, emotional, and psychological health blueprint will stay with you for the rest of your life unless you change it.

The way out of this is to become aware of how your childhood conditioning is affecting you now. Only then can you begin the process of learning how to identify and change your personal health, wealth, relationship and success blueprint. Then you want to acquire the awareness and the knowledge of using spiritual laws to create real-world success. You have to look at how successful people think and how to adopt the ingrained blueprint for abundance. How do you recondition your mind for automatic success? Are you attracting or repelling success? Another thing you want to become aware of is that the universe is dynamic. Everything is in a constant state of change and motion. You’re either attracting success or repelling it depending on how you think, speak, and act in the world.

At one of our programs, the Success Permission Program through intense reconditioning exercises, you will change your blueprint setting for automatic success. You will find that you will attract all that you have been struggling to achieve once you have done that. The objective is to change fundamental childhood programming called Imprinting so that you can achieve success in many areas of your life. By the end of the program, you will have a completely different unconscious attitude towards health, wealth, relationships and success. You can choose to use the information and you will develop a winner’s mindset. You can create inner peace, happiness and success by using the same principle to enhance your financial life.

LBD 10 | Emotional Psychological Blueprint

Emotional Psychological Blueprint: Addressing family of origin issues is not about placing blame, but rather about healing unresolved traumas.


The family of origin issues, many people do not quite understand how their family of origin affects them. The family of origin issues may include such issues as having grown up in the alcoholic or chemically-dependent family systems, witnessing domestic violence, having lost of parents through death. Having an absent parent, being adopted, being a child of divorced parents or having family issues. Being a survivor of childhood neglect or emotional, physical, sexual abuse. Having a parent who was a workaholic. Growing up in a family system plagued with eating disorders. Having had a mentally ill parent or a sex-addicted parent or having been brought up with a strict religious orientation that somehow causes conflict for the person in adulthood.

All of these and numerous other situations can chronically change your set point for health, wealth and happiness. Addressing family of origin issues is not about placing blame, but rather about healing unresolved trauma and increasing awareness. Gaining new perspectives about dysfunctional patterns that clients re-enact in adulthood. If you have negative patterns in your unconscious, then you need to clear these programs. Once you do that, your worldview and your mindset change dramatically. That whatever you set your mind to can be easily achieved. When we work with these individuals who have deep-seated issues from the day the process is done, they experience significant changes in 21 days. Within 21 days, depending on what issues they worked on, they make more money, their relationships change or the health issues begin to significantly change. We do this at this program called Success Permissions.

The next point is your profit profile. There are nine major profit profiles with three variations each. These profiles provide you clarity in the nine paths of least resistance to success. Identifiable role models and biographies within each path. A process for building the right team, a right business model, and focusing on the right activity. Links to the growth stage in business and essential hierarchy of our life values from passion to purpose. Where will this new knowledge lead you? You will find that wealth is far more about focus and talent and that much of your time is focused on the wrong thing. When you quit focusing on these wrong areas, you begin to experience entirely different levels of action, traction and attraction.

You find that there are rules to wealth, and until you begin to follow the rules, you’ll never win the game. When you learn the rules, you’ll realize that you have the power to master them. You realize that the game you need to play is already built around your strength and passions. Things that you are likely to have been taking for granted while you worked for a living, even if you’re running your own business. You begin to experience the flow, which occurs when you follow your natural path. You begin to attract the right opportunities, people, talent and resources. You begin to master the art of anticipation which only comes as a result of following a natural game. You discover that synchronicity, coincidences and what appears as sheer luck are experiences that should not be left to chance.

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You’ll find that as you increase your power to receive and increase your power to give, you realize that your power to contribute becomes more than a choice. It becomes a responsibility. Momentum brings meaning and your life path leads you to your life’s purpose. In one of our programs, the Wealth Creation Blueprint Seminar, through intense reconditioning exercises, you will change your financial blueprint, resetting it for automatic financial success. This piece of a puzzle is a 10,000-hour rule, what you did from thirteen to eighteen. Focusing on outliers as defined by Gladwell as people who do not fit into our normal understanding of achievement. Outliers deal with exceptional people especially those who are smart, rich and successful and those who operate at the extreme outer edge in what is statistically possible.

Malcolm Gladwell interviewed Bill Gates and focused on the opportunities given to him throughout his lifetime that led to his success. A common theme that appears throughout outliers is the 10,000-hour rule based on the study by Anders Ericsson. If you become clear about what you’re focused on from the ages of thirteen to eighteen, you will become clear about where to focus your wealth creation efforts. Once you understand your profit profile, you can then make sure you live a life that is aligned with your core competence and your personalized route blueprint.

One lucky audience that posts a review on iTunes will win a private confidential consultation and coaching with me on discovering your soul’s purpose. I will lead you on a personal journey to discover the unique mind-body psychosomatic map of your life. You will get a detailed report and a personal 45-minute consultation with me that is worth thousands. On this show, I’m going to help you design a life that works, so you are able to say yes to the things that matter and eliminate everything else that slows you down. The clearer you can be about how to organize your daily life to support your bigger vision, the more you step into your true potential, stay on track and accomplish all that you want and deserve. Are you ready to make that happen? Feel free to reach out to me to ask me questions at Your life is a gift, design it. Do what matters and join me each week as we get closer to designing the life of your dreams.


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